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Durban Poison

durban poison sativa flower

Durban Poison Sativa Description

This pure sativa’s predecessors hail from South Africa. Durban Poison was brought back to the States in the 1970’s by Ed Rosenthal, a cannabis activist. This incredibly potent strain delivers a powerful punch to the head with THC levels up to 24%, creating a happy cerebral high that encourages creativity and is great for daylight activities. The over-sized trichomes covering the round, hefty buds make Durban Poison ideal for making concentrates. Although paranoia and dry mouth are possible side effects, this intense strain has proven to be effective for the relief of nausea, chronic pain, depression and anxiety. The sweet earthy flavor and aroma, with a subtle layer of pine adds to the delight of regular users and patients.

Durban Poison 24% 1% 1%
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