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big foot hybrid flower

Chemband Hybrid Description

This sativa-dominant hybrid offspring of Chemdawg and Sour Kush is not shy when it comes to aroma. These Christmas tree-shaped plants create massive, resinous buds in record time, with the exquisite ganga releasing a funky fuel smell into the room. The thick smoke will immediately create a skunky atmosphere reminiscent of lemony pine with a dash of fuel. Be prepared for a fast onset of euphoria and spaciness, along with the possibility of an increased heart-rate, giggling and a ravenous appetite. You’ll taste the potent, earthy kick while feeling the effects in your lungs and experiencing a hard-hitting head buzz and a long-lasting high. Chem Band will stimulate you visually, uplift your mental state and motivate you at the beginning of the day.

Strain THC% CBD% CBN%
Chemband Hybrid 22%
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