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Big Foot

big foot hybrid flower

Big Foot Hybrid Description

With its origins in the Pacific Northwest or NorCal OG, BigFoot’s intricate aroma combines an outdoorsy hickory BBQ spice with a hint of deep pine diesel funk. A quick launch into a euphoric head buzz is BigFoot’s calling card, after which all stress and anxiety disappear as you make a super-chill transition into a deeply relaxed state. A 22% level of THC, along with an intense forest-green color, amber-hued hairs and massive sticky nugs set BigFoot apart from other strains. The aroma is a dense concentration of sweet-rotting spicy fruit. Upon exhale, you experience a pungent earthy flavor. A surprisingly pleasant taste in contrast to the aroma, BigFoot is helpful with chronic pain, nausea, hypertension, stress relief and muscle cramps, and will for sure leave you with a mellow, long-lasting impression.

Strain THC% CBD% CBN%
Big Foot Hybrid 22%
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